Dr. Farshad Abolghasemzadeh

Dr. Farshad Abolghasemzadeh

Orthopedic sugeon, fellowship of muculoskeletal tumor surgery

General Orthopedics, Fractures, Bone abnormalities, Lower back pain, Intervertebral disc disease, Pelvic and knee replacement, Arthroscopy, menisc and ligament injuries

  • Dr. Farshad Abolghasemzadeh
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  • Life ofDr. Farshad abolghasemzadeh


    I am Doctor Farshad Abolghasemzadeh. I have born in 1979. I obtained my general medicine certification in 2003 then i continued my study in orthopedic surgery at Iran University of medical science (Shafayahyaeian hospital).

    I have been graduated in 2010 and i obtained my national board certification in orthopedic surgery. After that I worked as orthopedic surgeon at several cities for 4 years since 2010 to 2014.

    For 15 months I was a faculty member of Babol university of medical science until I have been admitted in a 18 months fellowship course for musculoskeletal orthopedic tumor surgery in 2014.That was the first time that such a field had been educated in Iran. After I completed this course I started my activity a super specialist in orthopedic tumor surgery at several hospitals of Tehran.

    Since March 2016 I am able to provide special services in general orthopedic operations such as fractures, knee and hip replacement, correction of limb deformities, treatment of back pains and intervertebral disc diseases, arthroscopic operations of ligament and meniscus injuries. Orthopedic tumor surgery includes surgery of all types of limb cancers such as bone, muscle, fat, vessel and nerve tumors.

    Benign tumors, bone cysts, and metabolic bone diseases are also in this field. Treatment of malignant cancers which spread to the bone (metastasis) is the ability of this field too.

Activities, Occupational and Research Records

  • Specialized and super specialized activitiesDr. Farshad abolghasemzadeh


    1] General treatment of orthopedics (treatment of fractures, deviations and bone abnormalities, back pain and intervertebral disc problems, knee pain and joints, hip and knee joints replacement, arthroscopy, treatment of meniscus and ligaments damage

    2] Surgery and supportive care of malignant benign tumors of the bones, joints, muscles, fats, vessels and nerves of the organs

    3] Surgery of malignant tumors of other areas of the body that spread to the bones

    Work experince

    1] Two and a half years activity in Khuzestan province (Taleghani Hospitals and Abadan & Valiasr Oil Company of Khorramshahr)

    2] One and a half years of activity as a faculty member of the University of Medical Sciences with the hospitals of Rouhani, YahyaiNejad and Shahid Beheshti Babol

    3] Collaborating with Tehran's Noor-e-Afshar Hospital

    4] Partnership with Pars Hospital Tehran

    5] Collaboration with Chamran Hospital in Tehran

    6] Collaboration with the Army Family Hospital of Tehran

    Reasearch activities

    Multiple articles on orthopedic and orthopedic tumors

    Prognosis of adamantinoma of long bones: a long-term follow-up study of 13 cases

    Primary lymphoma of the calcaneus: a case report

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    Membership in the Association of Iranian Tumor Surgeons

    Collaboration with the Army Family Hospital of Tehran

Musculoskeletal and skeletal tumors

  • What's musculoskeletal and skeletal tumors?Dr. Farshad abolghasemzadeh


    Surgery of musculoskeletal and skeletal disorders, despite its long history in the European and American countries, is an emerging discipline in Iran. The first Fellowship in this field was started in Iran University of Medical Sciences in the year 2014. Only one person per year is admitted to undergo an 18-month period of surgery for orthopedic tumors.

    Currently, the first and only graduate of this field in Iran is Dr. Farshad Abolghasemzadeh . It is worth mentioning that at present, the number of people who have orthopedic tumors in Iran are a total of 4 people. Due to the large number of patients requiring advanced therapy in orthopedic tumors inevitably, some of these patients can be treated by general orthopedic specialists, who often lack the experience and knowledge of the tumor which can reduce the chance of recovery and increase the likelihood of recurrence and its consequences.

    Considering the high sensitivity of bone tumor (cancer) diseases and the organ, it is better for the patient to get diagnosed from the beginning with the supervision and treatment of the person who has enough experience and information in this area in order to achieve better results and to treat more effectively to the end of the treatment.

    Dr. Farshad Abolghasemzadeh, after graduating from this field, is currently working in various centers in Tehran, which has the potential to provide appropriate specialized services in this field.

Limb tumors

  • Familiar with limb tumorsDr. Farshad abolghasemzadeh


    As there is a possibility of cancer in any part of the human body, the skeletal system of the body, which includes muscles, bones, adipose tissue, vessels and nerves, is no different from this rule. The tumor is an abnormal reproduction of one of these tissues and a mass of tissue. This abnormal mass does not function properly and vice versa by causing local destruction can lead to healthy tissue damage and complications for the patient.

    If the mass is only restricted to the affected area and does not spread to other organs of the body, benign term is used. Of course, one should not think that all benign tumors are safe, but some of these tumors can cause pain or fracture in the same area due to weakening of the bone.

    Malignant tumors, known as cancer, have the ability to spread throughout the body and engage other parts. These tumors are very dangerous and if they do not recognize and treat properly and in a timely manner can result in patient death. In malignant tumors, limbs often spread to the lungs in the event of a delayed treatment of the disease and ultimately lead to respiratory failure and death.

    Tips you should know:

    The most important point in treatment of tumors, especially its malignant types, is timely diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible. Delay in inappropriate diagnosis and treatment can lead to diffusion of disease to other organs and make treatment difficult and sometimes impossible.

    Any mass (painful or painless) that has recently been created or already exists in the limbs (hand or foot) and has recently changed its size needs to be investigated. Bone-fatigued pain that does not heal, or worse at night, can be the early signs of malignant tumors.

    Tumors can sometimes be accompanied by a mild blow to the target area, which can lead to mistakes in diagnosis and ultimately delayed treatment. So, if there is no improvement after a mild bruising and it gets worse day after day, it requires expert examination.

    Malignant secondary tumors (metastases)

    Sometimes, malignant tumors, the cancer of other parts of the body, such as breast, prostate, lung, kidney, thyroid, etc. can spread through the blood to the bones and causing pain and weakening and even breaking the bone. Obviously, primary disease will be done by a specialist, but bone marrow therapy should be done by an experienced orthopedic specialist in the field of tumor and preferably in the specialty of this field.

    A specialty specializing in musculoskeletal and skeletal disorders has a wide range of malignant or benign diseases, both in terms of diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Due to the sensitivity of these diseases, appropriate treatment is needed from the beginning of the diagnosis, and if the initial treatment is inappropriate the treatment outcome may be affected and the patient can be completely excluded from treatment.

    In case of appropriate treatment, even malignant tumors can be completely cured and the patient can return to the normal life. It is recommended that, if malignancy is detected, it is advisable to consult an experienced specialist and preferably a specialist in the field of treatment.


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